I live in San Francisco with 2 little girls and a lovely wife.  I grew up in silicon valley during the 70s and 80s and was surrounded in a sort of Who’s Who of silicon valley engineers.  I didn’t realize until years later that these awkwardly dressed be-speckled men were literally changing the world.  Volvo’s, Saab’s, and american cars littered the driveways.  If you owned a Mercedes you were clearly not bright.  My dad is a retired high energy physicist from SLAC (although he still has an office and working phone!) and my mom was a nurse at Stanford.

I’ve spent nearly 14 years working in software, 11 at Oracle and 2 at Ingres.  I studied pre-med in college and realized by 2nd semester junior year (after 2 semesters of organic chemistry) that I wasn’t going to pursue medicine.  I knew doctors(at least the good ones) are born, not developed.  So….I found a new focus, software.

I got my on the job training doing project & product management for a couple internal products at Oracle.  I moved onto managing the first Oracle Appliance(aka Raw Iron) and finished my tenure performing a “chief-of-staff” role for a relatively large (500 people) engineering group focused on serviceability of software at scale.

At Ingres I’m I was a product manager for partner solutions and integration.  I manage two software Appliance solutions built for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management markets.  I also enabled ISVs to work with Ingres technology.

I’ve called this blog ‘AverageAccess” because good blogs are incredibly intimidating.  I’m convinced the reason is access to information combined with reasonable intellect and sharp pen.  One of my managers at Oracle would complain about meetings with LJE because the room was filled with access limited information.  Information was a weapon, commonly used to expose a foe, who of course was also a colleague.  Fun place.

Thus, this blog is meant to be written from the average information access perspective.  Its from data that is gleaned from fairly straightforward public sources.  On a bad day it will be no better than regurgitated news(typically already regurg’ed from some other source!), however, I think with a little color (or spice) and possibly a different perspective something interesting may occur.

So here goes…..

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