Bay Area Library Review – Introduction

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I’m currently unemployed.  This means I occasionally cry at commercials, laugh a little too long, and question my life’s meaning — all at the same time.

I have 2 small kids and live in a small place so when its time to “work”, I need to escape.  I will do coffee shop squatting from time to time, but thats a different post.  Lately I’ve been getting hooked on the library.  Yea, remember those things?  With the old ladies loitering around looking serious, the smell of aging paper, the occasional loud talker breaking the slience, no headphones, no laptops, no computers, just quiet……..hang on…..yea, thats right, quiet READING!

I’m going to write some reviews of several bay area libraries from the perspective of a young-ish professional who is an out of work, occasionally bored, easy going dude.

The list of libraries to date include:

San Francisco – Anza, Main, Presidio

San Carlos

Palo Alto



Mill Valley

I’ll break down each with pros and cons from a perspective that I’d want to read about.  So if you don’t like these reviews, chances are we won’t like each other.  No hard feelings, but you’re probably not smart.  My hope is, you’ll read this, chuckle a couple times yet come away sort of informed, even though you have zero reason to enter one of these God-forsaken-places.

So what to expect?  I’m going to break it down folks.  I’m giving you clientele perspectives, ergonomic reviews(are the chairs soft, what about power supply, tables too tall)? Can I look out a window at anything?  What about the wireless signal(when streaming, AIM, Twitter, youtube, and 10 websites all at once)? Any good food nearby?  And do you actually see people check out books?  I’ve got answers, psychological insight, I’m on your side.

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