Is it Capitalism 2.0 or Socialism 5.0?

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I’ve been following Umair Haque for a couple months.  I was tipped by Fred Wilson ala AVC fame.  At first I thought he was a new age socialist, which he is.  However, I think his meaning gets stronger under todays circumstances.  His old rules vs new rules perspective literally makes me look and think sideways.  Five, maybe 10 years ago, I would have immediately dismissed these mother and apple pie perspectives to yet another progressive hippy with modern glasses.  But hang on here, now, now with literally bedrock companies collapsing on a quarterly basis, you can’t help but question if another approach is needed.

All of his ideas tend to wax the assumption of a connected world, which is great.  I get it.  The world isn’t *totally* connected as we think, but I’m following.  But Umair takes the Web 2.0/social network further by asking and requesting companies to embedd new rules of engagement with their customers and community.

Listen for yourself.  Below contains a video to a recent talk he gave in Sweden.  He’s not the most charismatic speaker, he glosses over details left right and center, but the core….listen to the core of his argument.  I’m a moderate in most things from sports to beer, but this fresh thinking is seriously f*&king sweet.

Video link.

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