I’ve called this blog ‘AverageAccess” because good blogs are incredibly intimidating.  I’m convinced that one of the prime reasons is access to information combined with reasonable intellect and a sharp pen.  I might have one of those, wait, do I?  Regardless, one of my managers was able to demystify the oligarchs of Oracle by explaining how powerful access to limited information is.  You see at Oracle, information was a weapon, commonly used to expose a foe, who of course was also a colleague and trying to make the company money.  Yea, fun place.

Thus, this blog is meant to be written from the average information access perspective.  Its from data that is gleaned from fairly straightforward public sources.  I subscribe to maybe 75 blogs of various topics (technology, economics, politics, etc.) and thats about it.  I write about things that I have a general opinion on or think is worth sharing to others.  On a bad day this thing will be no better than a regurgitated news page (typically from pre-regurg’ed sources!), however, I think with a little color (and spice) and possibly a different perspective something interesting may occur.  Or, I’ll just waste your time.  You’ve been warned.


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